Lindsay Strand Associates, Inc.

Strategic and Crisis Communications

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We’ve developed policies for dealing with the news media for several leading retailers and Fortune 100 companies.

Our national training and design work for crisis communications plans are highly-rated.

Leading businesses engage LSA to identify, capture and communicate the most important words and stories that drive their organization, from the inside out.

Key Message Development

Key messages are the words at the heart of a vision, a corporate strategy or a crisis response. These words convey the vision, the compelling stories and the simple facts that engage and persuade.

We’ll help you discover these words and prepare you to deliver them to your audiences.

Crisis Communications

We work nationally across industry segments to develop crisis communications plans and arm ‘first responders’ and spokespeople with the tools needed to deliver key messages accurately and confidently.

We customize crisis pans for individual organizations and lead national seminars on crisis communications. We provide on-going consulting to our clients. Our ‘table top’ drills get rave reviews.

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